Turntables & Equipment

Sloth Records is proud to carry products from Stanton, Audio-Technica, Yorkville, and Shure, among others. Ask our knowledgeable staff about  great ways to build your custom audio setup today, it might be easier than you think!



Sloth Records is proud to carry products from these fine companies:

Stanton – http://www.stantondj.com

Audio-Technica – http://www.audio-technica.com

Yorkville –http://www.yorkville.com


We also carry Serato Vinyl, Stylus, Cartridges, Slipmats, Vinyl & CD cleaning products, Headphones, Phono Pre-amps and much more.

Ask us about our custom-made record crates which we construct onsite for LP, 45, and 10″ records and even for cassettes. Made-to-fit sturdy crates that can stack in any configuration. Create a vinyl vault or a play station, big or small.