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Black Friday is this Friday November 23 2012 at Sloth Records

This Friday November 23rd is Black Friday at Sloth Records and while this might not mean much to most Canadian retailers is certainly does for all the independent record stores as there will be a number of limited edition RSD titles to be had. Sloth Records will be opening at 10 am this Friday to accommodate the Sloth Records Group members. Everything instore will be on sale and you can check out the Black Friday releases here:

New titles in store for Oct.13, 2012

Godspeed – “Allelujah! Dont Bend Ascend” – LP/CD (out on 10/16)

Ty Segall – “Twins” – LP/CD

Shadowy Men From Shadowy Planet – “Savvy Show Stoppers” – LP

Ladyhawk – “No Can Do” – LP/CD

Metz – “S/T” – Lp/CD

Stalwart Sons – “Stay Cold” – LP

New Releases at Sloth Records!!!!!!

Brand New – Instore – records, records, and more records!!!

Sheepdogs – “s/t” – CD/LP

Mono – “For My Parents” LP/CD

Bob Mould – “Silver Age” – LP/CD

Propaghandi – “Failed States – CD – (vinyl delayed)

Animal Collective – “Centipede HZ” – LP/CD

Ariel Pink‘s Haunted Grafitti – “Maturee Themes” – LP/CD

Deerhoof – “Break Up Song” – LP/CD

Cadence Weapon – “Hope In Dirt City” – LP

Bloc Party – “Four” – LP

Red Kross – “Researching the Blues” – LP/CD