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Record Store Day Titles in Stock at Sloth Records!!! 21/04/12

Full Length RSD LP’s IN STOCK!!……

Arcade Fire ‘ Sprawl II’ 12″

Pelican ‘Auralasia’ LP

Animal Collective ‘traverse temporal gyrus’ LP

Flaming Lips ‘&the heady frwends’ LP

Alexisonfire ‘math sheets demo’ LP

Moneen ‘the red tree’ Lp

Attack in Black ‘ marriage’ LP

Pete Townsend ‘quadrophenia demos’ 10″

Gratefull Dead ‘darkstar’ LP

Velvet Underground ‘loaded’ LP

Black Keys ‘el camino’ Special Ed. LP

Metallica ‘beyond magnetic’ LP

The Cure ‘plus entreat plus’ LP

Uncle Tupelo ‘march 16-20’ LP

Uncle Tupelo ‘still feel gone’ LP

Uncle Tupelo ‘no depression’ LP

Common ‘the dreamer/the believer’ Lp

Lou Reed ‘transformer’ LP

Lou Reed ‘rock’n’roll animal’ LP

Leonard Cohen ‘live in fredricton’ LP

Destroyer ‘ rubies’ LP

Op Ivy ‘2 x re-ish’s’

Plus!……….limited quantities of…..



Social Distortion

Hush Arbors

Arts & Crafts – v/a




Little Richard

Meat Puppets

Paul Simon

Iggy & the Stooges


and , of course….. MORE!!

7 inch singles and boxsets in stock for RSD

Feist/Mastadon split 7″

Flaming Lips/ Mastadon split 7″

Beach ‘house’ 7″

Blitzentrapper ‘hey joe’ 7″

Jimmy Fallon ‘tebowie’ 7″

Beatles 7″ box set

Whitestripes ‘handsprings’ 7″

Otis Redding/ Aretha Franklin ‘respect’ 7″

Paul McCartney ‘another day’ 7″

Trex ‘electric warrior’ 7″ box set

Uncle Tupelo 7″ box set

Pharcyde ‘bizzare ride II’ 7″ boxset

Plus……. limited quantities of these RSD 7″ releases

Mad Men

Blacktwig Pickers


Black Angels


James Brown

Artic Monkeys


Bruce Springsteen


Los Straightjackets

Down Riders

The Fall

Michael Buble – (for real)

Rival Schools

and more………….

The Men, Open Your Heart

The Men, Open Your Heart LP $19

Welcome to New Plastic Ideas. Maybe we should become acquainted. I’m Fast Forward Weekly contributor and record store clerk Devin Friesen. There’s a pretty good chance that if you buy records in Calgary, I’ve sold something to you. New Plastic Ideas is my new column. With it, I int…

King Tuff, Wild Desire 7″

King Tuff
Wild Desire 7″ $7.00
Suicide Squeeze

Another brilliant piece of work from the legendary underground garage-pop sensation King Tuff. If you were lucky enough to have snapped up a copy of his first LP (now long out of print) – you are, without a doubt, already a fan. This single is more of the same. ’60s influenced pop hits with squealing guitars, bashing drums and killer vocal hooks. This single is a lead-in to his second full length LP due out May 1st on Sub Pop. I can’t wait. This single is a 7th grade tease. Gotta wait ’till Sub Pop let’s us touch a boob. But for now, this will do.

Mount Carmel, Real Women

Mount Carmel, Real Women, CD $16/LP $20 –

Man, it’s been a while, huh? Like, since the last Mount Carmel record, maybe? I can’t remember, I just listen to podcasts now, like the Best Show on WFMU, which last week called this sophomore effort a high point of 2012. Really? You’re not listening to either Mount Carmel or the Best Show? What a horrible aural prison you’ve created. Anyway, this still sounds like Free meeting Hendrix-Sabbath-Zepplin right on the cusp of blues rock turning into metal. Everything’s tighter; no jams over five minutes, no song called _______ jam. Just buy this and listen to it every day already. On Siltbreeze who’ve been putting out hits for 4 decades now. I dunno, I got PJ to buy this w/in like 10 seconds of Beta Banding it. It’s good.

Reviewed by Evan Van Reekum